Blockchain document verification

Cryptographically Fingerprinted

Immutably Secured

Provable Trusted

How it works ?

The submitted document will be fingerprinted with sha-256 cryptographic hash algorithm to uniquely identify your document then immutably stored in a global decentralized ledger network (stellar lumen main network) protected by Ed25519 public-key signature system. Anyone can prove their integrity by submitting documents to our online public verification tools or directly lookup in the stellar ledger to find their fingerprints.


Publicly Accessible

Our API, verification tools and backed decentralized ledger are publicly accessible for everyone.

Cryptographically Secured

Document fingerprint will be protected by Ed25519 public-key signature system.

Provable Method

Our method of storing fingerprints and verification of them are transparent and provable.

Realtime Verfication

Every single verification will be looked upon the backend decentralized ledger in realtime.

Decentralized Protection

The fingerprint will be immutably secured by decentralized ledger network globally.

100% Free

All of these awesome features brought to you by Finema Co., Ltd. for free!








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